We are constantly working to bring in top recording artists and professional musicians to perform clinics in a small-to-medium sized audience where you have the opportunity to ask questions about the clinicians styles and techniques and also practical tips how to improve your own skill. The clinician may perform an entire piece, or demonstrate certain techniques for you to observe and learn.

We try to bring in a broad diversity of artists to cover all instruments and styles of music.

Upcoming Clinics:

None at this time

Check out the list below of some of the past clinicians that we have featured, and keep checking back because you never know who we will bring in next.

Terry Bozzio
Doyle Dykes
Guthrie Govan
David Wilcox
Pete Huttlinger
Craig Thatcher
Michael Angelo Batio
Jimmy DeGrasso
Virgil Denati
Dale Brunning / Gene Bertonciinni
Ron Miles
Corey Christiansen
Greg Koch
LaCuna Coil
Hawthorne Heights
Larry Mitchell
Chris Proctor
Bart Walsh


In addition to Guitars Etc.’s successful lesson program, we offer Workshops where you can focus on a specific area of music over a series of educational sessions. Our Workshops are taught by professional musicians, both national and local. Each workshop will have a different focus, be it a specific style of music or even a technique.

One of our most popular annual Workshops is our Chop Shop where players can learn what it takes to become a “know-it-all” guitarist. If you’ve ever wanted to just sit in with other musicians or drop in on an open jam, this workshops will give you the tools to jam and communicate with other musicians. You won’t have to memorize songs to jam, just find out the key and start playing. You will learn to rip out screaming solos in any key and build your confidence to take on any song.

Workshops usually are held on Fridays and Saturdays from 5-7pm.