Q) Do we get everything we need (accessories, etc.)?
A) All items that are district required are included with every rental.

Q) Does this instrument come with a case?
All instruments include a case.

Q) What is included with the rental?
Items included vary by instrument. Please ask for more details.

Q) Is this a Rent to Own program?
Our Program is a rent to own program.

Q) How long am I obligated to rent my instrument?
For as little or as long as you would like.

Q) How long before I own my instrument?
The duration of contract depends on value of the instrument.

Q) What is covered by the I.P.P (Instrument Protection Plan)?
Anything that would render the instrument unplayable due to normal play will be covered.

Q) How much of my payment goes toward the purchase of my instrument?
100% of the base rent goes toward the purchase of your instrument.

Q) Is the payment auto deducted from my card?
Yes, payment is auto deducted from your Credit/Debit card on the 1st of each month.

Q) Are these instruments Name Brands?
Yes, and they are also Educator approved brands.

Q) When is my payment deducted from my account?
On the 1st of each month.

Q) May I pay by check or cash?
Unfortunately,  no it must be on a Credit/Debit Card.

Q) Do you have new AND used instruments?
Yes, we do have new and used instruments.

Q) Does Guitar’s Etc. also offer private lessons?
Yes,  Guitar’s Etc currently has over 450 students in weekly attendance.

Q) Does someone from Guitars Etc visit the schools?
A) Yes, Guitars Etc has a rep visiting the students & directors weekly.

Q) Is there a discount for buying the instrument?
A) Yes, a discount off  of the balance of the contract will be taken. Please ask for more details.

Q) Are the instruments repaired at the store? or are the sent away?
A) Repairs are done at the store.