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Hi Todd,
Just wanted you to know how happy my husband is with the guitar, he can’t stop smiling! 🙂
We’ll definitely be watching your store for further purchases.
Mary L., Waterville, ME
I received the guitar today. And I swore I would never purchase a guitar without playing first. But here I am. And without a chance to play one like it, I still purchased it. And I must say, that I wasn’t disappointed. This guitar is really awesome. Not just awesome, but really awesome. The only other Guild guitar I’ve owned was an electric guitar that was the first nice guitar I purchased after I was on my own over 30 years ago, and I regret trading it in to this day. So I wanted to get this 2013 Guild to enjoy and then pass along to my son, who also plays. Thanks again for this wonderful instrument!!!!
Michael F., Jasonville, IN
I got home last night after driving all the way across Kansas in the rain. I stayed up late playing the new guitar and it is absolutely perfect for what I was looking for.
Thank you so much for working out a deal with me. I really appreciate it. Will definitely make my first stop with your store in the future.
I’m very happy to see a local store doing well and will support that in the hopes that you have continued success.
Craig, Kansas City, KS
Hello! I just want to thank you for my most excellent uke. As it was a special order, your patience, humor, and knowledge went a long way in making the wait bearable. And, you were amazing at going along with my requests to customize it even further…kudos to your tech! In the 30-something hours I’ve had the instrument, I have totally fallen in love with it. You and Louis promised a high quality uke and you delivered. Your awesomeness makes the hour long drive to your store worth it. I’ll be back.
Sandy C., Colorado
Hey Todd,
I wanted to send you a note of Thanks for all your work in helping me get my husband the perfect guitar for Christmas. I know nothing about them so having someone with your expertise and guidance made it absolutely one of the best experiences I have ever had with buying something so valuable. I was so pleased with all your efforts and the finished product was exactly what my husband wanted. Thank you also for the extra time to you took to make sure that the guitar was perfect and that we got it on time. The note in the case was so sweet, my husband was amazed at the fact that you hand wrote him a note to tell him about this special purchase. Thank you again for everything, it made this Christmas one that our family will NEVER forget. We now have a forever friend in you!!
Debbie H., Tampa, FL
Hi Todd,
I received my guitar today. It’s a beauty and it sounds great.
It actually was perfectly tuned coming out of the case (-:
Thank you for you help and the great service.
Best regards from a happy customer.
Henning B., Germany
Got the Suhr today.
Fabulous build and look, very good intonation and it sustains like crazy.
John W., Iowa
Hey! Gave AJ his acoustic/electric guitar last night for his birthday – he is one happy boy.
Thanks!! Take care.
Joie, Colorado
Hey guys, It’s Chris, I was in today and you guys helped me pick out the American Standard Stratocaster. The set up your tech did is awesome. I got it home and played for about three hours. The tone and feel is perfect. It’s like I found a lost love… Thank again.
Chris, Dallas, TX
Just got the PRS today! If I luck out, I may call you for the red PRS soon. You are good to deal with, and that is uncommon with most retail experiences.
Albert, Pennsylvania
I can finally play SRV, Hendrix, EVH, and Rush on the same guitar. Rock, progressive rock, blues, jazz…this thing (Suhr) does it all. Great guitar!
Jason, Texas
Hey Todd, Thanks for steering me in the right direction with the Tascam pocketstudio dp-004. It’s perfect. Thanks.
Matt J., Colorado
Dear Mr. Todd, The guitar was here when I arrived from school. It sounds great and I love the color! The first song I played on it was “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix. It was a lot of money for me. I make my money by mowing lawns during the summer and raking leaves during the Fall. Putting bubble wrap under the neck was a great idea. It did fine in shipment. I will be playing this guitar at the Memorial day celebration at the neighborhood pool. Thanks for being honest and shipping the guitar quickly.
Todd, We appreciate doing business with you. Your integrity and that of your employees is incredible. We deal with you because we trust you and your judgement. We love working with Zack. His teaching style fits us very well. We always feel like we get more than we pay for. He is a credit to you and your establishment.
Jim D, Colorado
Hi Todd, guitar arrived on Wednesday and all is OK. Excuse me, I am writing you quite late, but I was on the trip. Thank you for perfect collaboration. I am really very happy to made business with you. I wish you all the best and thank you again.
Vladimir, Czech Republic
Todd, just to let you know the guitar arrived and it’s awesome. I haven’t stop playing her since she arrived. First song Landslide (Fleetwood Mac). This is one of the best pickers I’ve played. Mike, is going to be so Jealous….Thanks again.
Sal, Illinois
My Hummingbird arrived a about an hour ago. I am stoked! The setup is spot-on and the playability is sweet. You run a class act. Wanna open a branch in N.C.? From now I am doing all of my guitar shopping in Colorado!
JD, Durham, NC
Hi Todd The PRS Hollowbody 2 arrived and is a work of art, looks fantastic and the quality of finish is outstanding. Sound flexibility is great with the combination of humbucker and piezo pickups. Do I love it ? Yes!!! Thanks for making another long distance purchase easy and successful.
Gordon, Australia
Hi Todd, I received the ES 335 today, nice looking figure. Thanks for looking after me and returning the first guitar that Gibson sent you due to a lack of figure. The guitar sounds great and the setup is spot on as usual. This is the third guitar I have purchased from guitarsetc and again I could not be happier with the professional service you guy’s provide. Kind regards.
Thanks Todd, the guitar looks great!
The guitar came today & luckily I was home. I have 1 word to say: UNFRICKINGBELIEVEABLE! This guitar is MORE beautiful than I could imagine, THANK YOU so much AGAIN! I knew I couldn’t go wrong ordering through your store. Thanks for all your help & patience with my order.
Todd – Thanks for the speedy service on Friday afternoon. I was able to play a few of your Les Pauls and found one that rocks. The guitar is beautiful and has a great sound. Thanks again!
Aaron, Colorado
Todd, the Camo PRS SE arrived today and I’m totally impressed with it, what an awesome guitar for the price. I can’t wait to rock out on stage with this thing. Thanx again for the great customer service. You guys will be getting more of my buisness in the future. I’ll also be spreading the word so I’m sure you’ll be hearing from my buddies too. Thanx.
Chris, Pennsyvania
So often in this day and age, people try to make a “quick” buck … forgetting that what you do today affects how you are dealt with tomorrow. You truly have a vision for the future of your business. Thank you for looking past the immediate sale to the lifetime business. Thank you for all of your help throughout our purchases (yes, there are more to come I am certain.) If you ask Joe, he will agree that there is no limit on the amount of guitars, amps, cords, and accessories that one man can own. We are truly honored to say that we do business with you. Thank you again for everything.
Joe & Sonia, Colorado
All I can say is WOW! I love this guitar. I know this may have been one of your most involved transactions with all the locating, shipping back and forth from Martin, and then to me but I am ecstatic! Thank you,thank you! I appreciate the personal attention you give to each transaction. My son and I enjoyed meeting you at the NAMM show in Anaheim. We were honored to be your guests, now we are honored to be your friends. I’m sure we will be needing another guitar for my husband as he seems to have adopted mine.
Reese, Santa Barbara, CA
I took my new PRS Soabar II to the jam in Loveland last night and played it. It sounded and played great. A bunch of guys asked me about it. One guy thought it was one of the high-end PRS’s.

I put 10’s on it and tweaked the string height a little and it sounds great either playing with my fingers or with a slide.

I also really like the PRS wrap tailpiece. The strings are slightly recessed into it and when you change out strings, the radius of the tailpiece is just right so the string wraps around it and into the grooves without trying to fold at the point where the string wrap from holding the little donut thingy is. I also think it’s cool that they put the sunburst on the headstock.

All in all, a great guitar for not a lot of dough. You can expect to see some of my friends show up at both of your stores looking for one.

RGT, Dallas, TX
My compliments to the tech that set up my Blues Hawk last week. It was perfect. I’m thinking of bringing in my Martin soon for similar treatment.
Hi Todd, Just wanted to let you know that Joey’s guitar arrived today- safe and sound. He is already enjoying it and is even taking it to his lessons tonight. Thanks for the birthday greeting and the extra strings. Really appreciate it !!!!!!! Hope you have a good day , you know Joey will !!!!!! Sincerely,
Dear Todd, I Just wanted to thank you for the Flea Bass. It came yesterday and my son loves it. Thanks again. I certainly will not hesitate on ordering any additional items from you. Thanks again. Sincerely,
Marcia K., Florida
Hey Todd The Lucille arrived a couple of days ago, absolutely mint condition, plays and looks better than the Lucille I tried out here in Sydney. The professional assistance I received from both of your stores was above and beyond any service level you are going to get here in Australia, every question was answered quickly and correctly (I despise the usually salesman that just want a sale).
I highly recommend to anyone considering saving a bunch of money without compromising service. Yours sincerely
Matthew G, Sydney Australia
Hello Todd: The SG arrived last Friday. It is a truly spectacular instrument. Awesome in every respect! Bobby’s set-up was perfect, as usual. There is something about this guitar that is really special. I own a variety of guitars, (PRS, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Ibanez, Wolfgangs, Parker Fly) and this one really stands out. This guitar is going to see a whole lot of playing time. Next year, I am going to purchase of a Gibson Les Paul double cutaway.
John Wordlaw, California
Todd – After buying the AER Compact 60 amp from you earlier, I just received the matching AG8 active monitor. All I can say is, “acoustic nirvana!” The ability to run in stereo takes the the pure tones of the Compact 60 and adds a rich, fullness. My Chet Atkins CE, Taylor, and Strat all sound amazingly dimensional with the addition of the AG8. I can’t imagine a better acoustic sound in such a light, portable package. Thanks for the excellent service.
Doug, Pasadena, CA
Hey Todd, I just received my PRS CE24, Wow! It’s beautiful. I just wanted to say thank you for blessing me with this guitar. Rest assure that it will be used for the honor and glory of God. I also wanted to say thank you for our conversation. Your words encouraged me and set my mind and spirit at ease, know that I was dealing with a Godly man. Until next time, may the Lord continue to bless you and your family. Sitting at God’s feet,
Fantastic Guitar , Fantastic service and Fantastic experience !! thx to you Todd , for making that to happen.
Ara K, Toronto, Canada
Todd, It has been several weeks since I received the Martin 000-40Q2GN (Graham Nash Signature) from you. What an absolutely, beautiful guitar! Playability? I am now just discovering the sublime sounds that are possible with a 000 body. Buying an expensive guitar sight unseen over the phone can be worrisome. My concern about purchasing over the phone was unfounded in dealing with you. You were so helpful and I really appreciate your no-nonsense, very personable style. I did not feel pushed or hurried in my decision. When I finally made my decision; all I can say is that what I quickly received from your store was a guitar that took my breath away. Thanks Todd,
Richard, Dallas, TX
Outstanding!!! Todd, I really appreciate the service. You know, as a customer, the responsiveness and customer care really makes you feel well taken care of. You can bet I’ll be giving you more business. By the way, my new Martin is soooo nice… The clarity and definition of the notes is impressive, it is very sweet and balanced. I love the setup too, your luthier did a fine job! He set it up as I had asked for. So many other outfits just grab a guitar from the warehouse, throw it in a box and slap a shipping label. I can also see that this guitar has not been hanging on a store rack, it was 100% clean. Rock on! Thanks again!
Amazing theme and top class support, as I’m a beginner, Luke helped me above and beyond and was more than patient, his responses were quick and he has a genuine care for you to enjoy and move forward with your theme!.. highly recommended theme and author!
Lucasgriffin, Dallas, TX