***Representative Photos***

Two-Rock Traditional Clean Head

From TR’s website:

The Traditional Clean fills the void of a simple, huge, and clean pedal platform that you can just plug your guitar into and enjoy. This style of amplifier has always been extremely popular for Two-Rock and we have further refined this amp’s circuit.

The Traditional Clean has a very familiar layout, updated with new build techniques and internal layout designs.

The Traditional Clean’s unique voice is all things Two-Rock. This big, beautiful, clean tone combined with the articulate and lush all-tube analog reverb will make you want to play clean for hours, engulfed in the tactile response of your guitar. Then be amazed at how this amp brings out the best in all of your pedals as well! The chassis is finished in a beautiful gunmetal metallic color, covered in black bronco tolex with sparkle matrix grill cloth.

  • Amp Configuration: 100w/50w (4)6L6 (half power scaling), 50w (2)6L6 dual tube rectified (fixed-bias/cathode bias switch), 40w/20w (4)6V6 (half power scaling)
  • Features: Tube driven analog Spring Reverb with Send and Return controls, Passive Effects Loop
  • Head Dimensions: 20 5/8″W x 12″H x 10 5/8″D (43 LBS)

***Representative Photos***