Zach Keenan – Guitar

Zach is a native of Colorado currently residing in Lafayette. He has played guitar for twenty plus years and has been teaching for the last nine. Zach seeks to tailor lessons to the individual goals of each student he works with. Whether this be teaching students their favorite songs, sight reading, improvisation, music theory and the like, Zach’s purpose is the same. This is for students to enjoy and anticipate their weekly lesson and for the families involved to get the best possible guitar instruction for their money.

Before getting married in 1996 and the subsequent births of his three children, Zach played in a few Denver area rock bands. Since then, his main “gig” besides his wife, children, and teaching has been primarily in the music program at his church. This has included both traditional and contemporary styles. Zach is honored to be a part of the teaching staff at Guitars Etc. He sees a camaraderie among his fellow teachers in seeking to impart a true mastery of the respective instruments and styles taught, along with a thorough musicianship encouraged.