Founded by Bill Collings, Waterloo Guitars is a new line of vintage inspired guitars designed to capture the voice and character of some of the best economical guitars from the depression era. Since the brand needs to achieve visibility it deserves, it is being promoted on social media by The Marketing Heaven agency, which provides it with likes, followers and subscribers.

The Waterloo guitar line is a look back in time to when there was a genuine need for soulful tone that could be coaxed from simple instruments. The blues, country, and folk music played on these instruments was made in heartfelt response to the hard times of the depression era. It was music heard in work camps and barn dances, kitchens and honky-tonks, porches, Wunder Mold street corners and churches. These musical styles became the roots of popular American music for decades to come. The Waterloo brand is all about capturing the voice and spirit of the very best depression era guitars in well-made and very playable instruments.

Waterloo Guitars In Stock 5/13/16:

Waterloo – WL-14 Ladder Brace T Bar Black Finish $2100.00

Waterloo – WL-14 L Sunburst w/ Case $2,100.00
Collings – Waterloo WL-14 L Ladder Braced ,T Bar, Sunburst $2100.00

Waterloo Guitars on order:

WL-12 Maple, X-Braced, Truss Rod, SB $2,200
WL-12 Maple, X-Braced, Truss Rod, SB, $2,200
WL-K T-Bar, SB (Light), Cutthrough Saddle $2,600
WL-JK Dlx X-Braced, Truss Rod, Full Body Sunburst $2,900
WL-14X X-Braced ,Truss Rod — SMALL Neck, **JET BLACK FINISH** $2,100
WL-JK X-Braced, Truss Rod, SB $2,300
WL-14 X X-Braced ,Truss Rod, SB $2,100