Channels: 3
Output: 15 watts
Front Panel: Input, Aux Input, Headphone Input, IR Level, (CH1) Bright Switch, Gain 1, Bass, Treble, Level 1, (CH 2/3): Bright 2/3 Switch, Gain 2, Gain 3, Bass, Middle, Treble, Level 2, Level 3, Channel Select Switch, I.R. Bank Select Button, I.R. Cab Select Button, I.R. LEDs, Power & Stand By switch
Back Panel: H.T. Fuse, Mains Fuse, Mains Input, Reactive Load Parallel Output, Reactive Load Disconnected Output, Impedance Selector, FX Loop Send, FX Loop Return, Footswitch (TRS) jack, Balanced/Unbalanced Line Out, I.R. Filter Bypass Button, USB Jack
Tubes: 2 x 6V6GT (Power Section), 5 x 12AX7
FX Loop: Tube driven, buffered
Footswitch: Included
Mains Fuse: T1.5A/250V (Slo-Blo) – 100/120VAC, T.75A/250V (Slo-Blo) – 230/240VAC
H.T. Fuse: F.5A/250V (Fast-Blo)
I.R. Format: WAV, Mono, 24bit, 48kHz, 20.5 ms, (I.R.s greater than 20.5 ms will be truncated to 20.5 ms)
I.R. Output Latency: 1.2ms
Dimensions: 20.5″ (W) x 8.25” (D) x 9.25” (H)
Weight: 24.7 lbs

Cabinet: 2×12 Cabinet, Black Tolex, Black Grill, Celestion Greenback & Vintage 30 Speakers