Key Features

  • Construction consists of a 3-ply poplar veneer, laminated here in our shop with alternating grain orientations for strength and shaped in custom presses for precise dimensions. The outer covering is a heavy-duty 22oz vinyl with no stitching around the lid, eliminating the common failure point of frayed or broken thread.
  • Incredibly lightweight and easy to handle, the Collings case materials and handle location have been designed for a perfectly horizontal balance when carried. The grained leather handle incorporates heavy duty metal straps and welded “D” attachment rings, attached to custom radiused anchors for superior longevity.
  • Injection molded padding is made from a custom foam mixture that was developed in-house to achieve an ideal balance of shock absorption and mass. Padding includes a neck rest and fingerboard cushion, placed to make the instrument perfectly level and stable, eliminating any stress points.
  • Latching hardware has been reduced to four latches; this is made possible by the precision fit and strength of the case lid. Latches are designed to our spec based on vintage latches that are no longer made. Custom spring tension allows for a comfortable yet solid feel that tightly snaps shut and won’t weaken over time.
  • The case interior lining is made of rayon with a crushed velvet texture that we re-crush, wash and dry for exceptional softness and protection. Just like the wood, binding and purfling grain orientations of Collings instruments, the grain of the interior fabric is fastened to uniformly run in the same direction throughout the case.
  • Hinges are made of strong nickel plated steel with very little “play” in the rotation, keeping them from loosening with time. Side and bottom feet are constructed of durable steel. The custom case bumper at the base of the case features a unique nickel-plated steel and hard rubber design. The rubber is molded in-house and was chosen for its balance of shock absorption properties and durability.

This case is designed to fit all Collings 14-Fret Dreadnought models including:

  • D1
  • D1 T
  • D2H
  • D2H T
  • D3
  • D41
  • D42
  • CW

* NOTE: This case does NOT fit Collings DS 12-Fret models.