9/24/19 Collings Ukulele News

Hi everyone. We received an email today from Collings about a small run of Collings Ukuleles. Below is the content of the email: We wanted to let you know that we recently built a small batch of UC1 K and UT1 K ukuleles with the intent of using up some parts that we had [...]

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Varnish vs Lacquer Finish

We just got in an AMAZING Collings D2H with an Adi Top, Vintage now neck profile and Varnish Finish. links to Varnish guitars in stock: Here are some facts concerning Varnish Finishes: Varnish is a softer and therefore more flexible finish material. While there are subtle tonal advantages to the varnish [...]

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Waterloo Guitars IN STOCK !!!!

Founded by Bill Collings, Waterloo Guitars is a new line of vintage inspired guitars designed to capture the voice and character of some of the best economical guitars from the depression era. The Waterloo guitar line is a look back in time to when there was a genuine need for soulful tone that could [...]

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